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Why We Do What We Do… A Letter From a Former Student

Hi Mr. Grenda,

This is Brianna Lee, I went to Neal Math and Science Academy, a few or so years ago. My father and you got along well; his name is Young Lee. I don’t know if you’ll remember us, but we remember you.

You are an amazing principal and we thank you for all your help. I saw you on a daily basis and I could see that you really cared about the students. You tried hard every day to learn our names and be there for all of us. Some of the students you “adopted” and for some of us you became an idol. For me, you were an idol. Your endless efforts to help people around you, inspired me to keep going against the tide and help all of those I could and then some.

While I struggled with being in a different state and a different district, I remembered that even though you weren’t there you were rooting for us (my mother told me that you two were emailing each other at the time). It helped me keep going as I dealt with this transition, knowing that you had a personal investment in us. So thank you for caring and keeping tabs on us, even though you didn’t have to.

I’m now a senior in high school and as I have been writing essay after essay for college applications, I’ve been thinking about my years at North Chicago and the adults that made a great impression in my life.

I want to be able to thank each of them for their part in my life and it has taken me some time to find you on my own. So thank you Mr. Grenda for caring and giving me something to look up to.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done Mr. Grenda; it has meant the world to me,

Brianna Lee

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