R.R.C.C. September Dance!

The Academy hosted its first R.R.C.C. dance for the 2019-2020 school year. One of our main priorities here is to create a positive learning environment. 

Our core values are represented in R.R.C.C.

Respect for Self and Others
Responsible for All Our Actions
Commitment to Education
Commitment to Community

Students enter into A.J.K. Academy as Cadets.  Each quarter, the Cadets strive to become the next rank on the Road to Knighthood.  Students can move up in rank by meeting academic, attendance, and behavioral goals. Special privileges are earned with each move up in rank.

After the end of the first quarter, in order to make rank and become a Squire,  cadets must have maintained a 95% attendance rate, keep a C average or better, and not received more than 3 behavioral referrals in our first 9 weeks. It is also mandatory to speak to adults and peers in a respectful manner and one of our ways for implementing this respect for self and others is by using Sir and Ma’am with adults and referring to our fellow classmates by their name. 

Cadets who demonstrate positive behaviors as well as maintain at least a C average, will be invited to attend the Academy’s monthly dances. We look forward to our October dance!

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