Cadet Wins Big!

The Academy would like to congratulate fourth grader Cadet Quetzaly Astudillo as the winner of our Ghost writing assignment! After finishing a whole school read on Jason Reynold’s chapter book Ghost, cadets were asked to write their own ending as the book ended abruptly with the start of the race and didn’t let the readers know what happened at the end. Cadets were given the last paragraph of the book and they were tasked with writing what they thought would happen next. Cadet Quetzaly wrote the following:
“And the contestants sprinted towards the finish line as if their life depended on it. On the far left was Ghost, who had a fierce concentration unmatched by the others. He started off strong with the lead and felt as though he was unstoppable. Then, out of nowhere, he felt the rough edge of what felt seemed like the largest pebble in the universe. In what seemed like slow motion, Ghost landed on the ground and watched as Brandon sprinted right by him. In that moment, Ghost had two options. He could either stay down and accept failure or get back up and not give up without a fight. He couldn’t stand the thought of not giving it his all. He knew he would rather lose the race giving it his all than not trying at all. Ghost got up and ran like he never ran before. He could hear the cheers coming from the crowd. He took the final steps to the finish line and it was all over. Brandon had won the race but that was okay because Ghost knew he was still a winner. He never gave up.”
I have just one word… AMAZING
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