Brigadier General Michael Fahey Visits AJKA!

Brigadier General Michael F. Fahey USMC visited A.J. Katzenmaier Academy last week! During his visit, the General was able to see how cadets start their day with Morning Meeting. He then met with the mentees at The Academy who are a part of a very special Marine Mentoring Program and spent the remainder of his time visiting classrooms and seeing teaching and learning in action.

“Morning Meeting was a sea of purple for the General’s visit,” said Michael Grenda, Principal of AJKA. “All of our cadets were required to wear their purple AJKA Knight shirts to show our academy pride and to represent support for all branches of the military.”

Brigadier General Fahey stated that he was impressed with the discipline of the cadets in morning meeting where he led a question and answer session, spoke to leadership qualities, and had an opportunity to hear The AJK Creed and Cadence. During Morning Meeting, seven cadets from the academy were provided a coin from Brigadier General Fahey as they were selected as the cadets who have most embraced the four core values of our academic institution, those values represented through R.R.C.C.

During his meeting with the mentees in the Marine Mentoring Program, his message was simple. Brigadier General Fahey let the cadets know that there was something that we all wanted to do better at, and even though we may have a weakness or a subject in school that we don’t do as well as others do, we never have the option of giving up. He let the mentees know that they have someone in their corner who can help them overcome the odds. He also spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Burkett’s comment on how impactful the mentoring program has been for both the cadets at AJKA and the Marines from 3rd CAG and MACG 48 out of Great Lakes. He impressed upon our cadets that it is important for them to continue to open up and have conversations with their Marine mentors regarding some of the issues they may be experiencing because it is then and only then that their mentors have an opportunity to provide them the additional support they may need.

The Academy was humbled and honored to have this great leader in our presence. Brigadier General Fahey is a great example of understanding that commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Semper Fi!

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