Cadets at The Academy Hold Awards Ceremony for Marine Mentors

Marine Mentors and Students

Shadowboxs Created by the Cadets

On Monday December 19th Marine Mentors were invited to an awards ceremony at A.J. Kazenmaier to celebrate the roles they voluntarily take on as mentors here at The Academy. For the past three months, Marines from the USMC 3rd CAG and MACG 48 of Great Lakes have taken on this monumental task in an effort to support the building’s R.R.C.C. initiative that began three years ago. “Yesterday was all about the Marines and their service to our academy,” says Principal Grenda.

“Our cadets are so fortunate to have such great men and women who want to be a part of their lives.”
-Principal Grenda

The awards ceremony was just a little token of appreciation to our Marines. Each Marine was awarded a challenge coin (hand crafted by parent, Chrissy Nieves) from Mr. Grenda and a shadowbox created by the cadets here at AJK that signified the appreciation and importance of each Marine.

Some Quotes from our Cadets

“The best thing about my Marine is he makes me feel safe”
-AJK Cadet

“The best part of having a Marine is that he is the best thing that ever happened to me ”
-AJK Cadet

“The best part of having a mentor is you have someone to share your feelings with and to help you make better decisions. P.S. I feel awesome!”
-AJK Cadet

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