It Starts With Us – Parent Luncheon

Parent Luncheon

The Academy hosted its second monthly, “It Starts With Us” luncheon on Tuesday December 6th. The turnout was amazing!

The purpose of the monthly luncheon is twofold; provide opportunities throughout the academic day for parents to be a part of their cadet’s day and for administration and staff to share some resources that parents can use at home with their cadets. Lunch is approximately a half hour, followed by 15 minutes of parent tips and resources to use at home and then the last 15 minutes, parents are allowed to see teaching in action.

“We’ve found that the more we open our doors to our parents, opportunities for clarification and understanding become more proactive versus reactive” says the Academy’s principal, Mike Grenda.

December’s parent count was 56 total. Our hopes are to increase that every month. Typically, “It Starts With Us” luncheons are the first Tuesday of every month, however January is a little tricky. Look for a flyer to come home with your cadet the week we return from Winter Break for our next January date.

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