Local Marines Making a Huge Impact

This month, A.J. Katzenmaier Academy and the United States Marine Corps have began a “Partnership for a Greater Tomorrow Mentor Program,” sponsored by a group of local Marines, and we are extremely excited about this program!

It was inspired from the mind of one of our parents, Mrs. Chrissy Nieves, who also leads our Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The program has the same feel of the Big Brother/Big Sister programs you may be familiar with all over the U.S. The difference, though, is that we sought out active duty Marines as our mentors as we are currently a part of the adopt-a-school program with USMC 3rd CAG Division out of Great Lakes. We now have an awesome partnership with them.

We are starting off the program with 28 of our cadets, and 21 active duty Marines. We hope to increase our numbers as the fever catches on and more of our local active duty members from all branches of the military become aware of our program! Our goal is to have a 1:1 initiative for all of the cadets in our building. Typically, when you hear of 1:1 initiatives, it is centered around technology, but here at The Academy, our purpose is to provide a one to one advocate for all of our cadets other than just their homeroom teacher.

Our Marine mentors are from many different ranks including Commander, First Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant and Corporals to name a few. Mentors are mandated to spend at least two hours a week with their cadet and their time spent can be around any number of activities.

The biggest goal of the program is in the actual title, “A Partnership for a Greater Tomorrow Mentor Program.” We want our cadets to learn from our Marine Mentors that life is all about making the right choices and decisions when nobody’s looking.

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