What Do Elite Sentinels Think About AJK Academy?…

Sherese BeardElite Sentinel Sherese Beard

I have been at AJK since third grade.  In third grade they didn’t have rank systems in this school.  It was boring.  Now, we have rank systems and that’s good because the people that are doing good get rewards for their behavior.  I like AJK because of the staff.  They help me with anything that I don’t know.  For example, I didn’t know a lot about fractions, and the teachers helped me learn by sitting with me and talking to me.  The best part of AJK is the rank system because when you achieve your goal you get a reward.  When I go to 6th grade, I’m going to miss the rank system and all the people that have helped me.


Hevyn TardElite Sentinel Hevyn Tard

I started AJK in Kindergarten.  So, I’ve been here for six years.  This school has really changed.  For example, when there was a different principal, she wouldn’t do anything about the referrals and people were being bad.  This year, the principal is doing more stuff about it and not just leaving it.  I like AJK because we have less parties and we do more work.  It helps me more and helps me go up in MAP. The best part of AJK is this year we are an Academy and not just a school.  When I go to 6th grade, I’m going to miss Mr. Grenda and the teachers because they helped us this year and they taught us more stuff.


dominic maineElite Sentinel Dominic Maine

This is my second school year at AJK.  It’s a great Academy!  It’s great when people are listening and doing what they are supposed to do.  But, when people get off track it’s not as good because people won’t make their rank.  There are a lot of Cadets in my class.  To me, the best part of AJK is that it’s better than being at Yeager or other schools in our district because of the ranks and our attendance is good, but we’re not 90-90-90.  When I go to 6th grade I’m going to miss all of the staff and the principal because I’m moving this summer.  I’m moving to Florida because my mom doesn’t want to be up here because it’s all snowy and she wants to be down there where it’s warm and there is no snow.


Adamirez PenaElite Sentinel Adamirez Pena

This is my third year at AJK.  I think it’s a pretty great school because AJK always pushes you to do the best.  My favorite thing about AJK is the teachers because they are always helping me or asking me if I need help on anything and if I say yes, they ask me what I need help on and then they help me with that.  Something that makes AJK different from other schools is that the staff believes in the kids.  When I go to 6th grade, I’m going to miss the Fun Fridays because we get rewarded for being on the right track.


Jeremy BrownElite Sentinel Jeremy Brown

I think AJK is a nice place because kids are nice.  Some of them play nice.  Besides that things are good here.  The food tastes good.  We learn more every day.  We talk about our business at Morning Meeting.  My favorite part of AJK is the rank system and the new thing Mr. Grenda is coming up with, the Kid President because there’s not been a school like this place.  It’s nice.  Like, Charter might have more students and more grades, but we have something even better.  We have friendship.  I think it’s important for a second grader to know when they come to AJK that they should raise their hand, not talk when the teacher is talking which is what we do sometimes, and they should learn RRCC.  AJK is the best school because we have a good Principal, Assistant Principal, good teachers, and I guess it’s just everything.  I can’t say everything that comes to my mind.  I just know that this school is good.


Airicka JacksonElite Sentinel Airicka Jackson

This is my second year at AJK. I was here for first grade, then I went to Forrestal for second grade, and now I’m back for third grade.  AJK changed a lot since I was here in first grade.  For example, the Principal is different, the staff, we have a cadence and a creed, and especially the classrooms look different because there are different posters.  My favorite thing about AJK is that we were changed into an Academy because I’m getting to be a part of history for being at this school and it feels cool.  I think it’s important for second graders to know that they are going to have to try really hard and that they are going to have to get used to some stuff, and that they are going to get to be a part of history at this school.  They are going to get to be a part of a legendary adventure.


Roseleen MelchorElite Sentinel Roseleen Melchor

This is my second year at AJK.  AJK is different from other schools I’ve been to because we have ranks and RRCC.  In my last school they didn’t have anything like RRCC.  I like AJK a lot because it’s just like, it’s a place I understand because the teachers like Mr. Norstrom explain things in simple ways so that I can understand.  Some of my favorite things about AJK are the ranks, because it inspires kids to work harder so that they can get to the rank, they have teachers who are there to help you if you are having a problem, and my most favorite thing is that we don’t have any mean teachers.  I think AJK is an amazing school.  I wouldn’t want to be in any other school.  If my parents told me that I was going to have to go to another school, I would say no and persuade them to let me stay right here!


Geovanni RodriguezElite Sentinel Geovanni Rodriguez

This is my fourth year at AJK. I like AJK because it’s good and it’s awesome because Mrs. Niemasik is a good teacher.  I like doing math, especially plus and take away.  I like the rank system because I get to wear a badge every day.  I get to do Fun Fridays.  I get to take kids to the bathroom and be a class messenger.  My favorite part of AJK is going to recess outside because I get to swing on the swing set. When I go to 6th grade, I’m going to miss my friends, my teacher, Mr. Grenda, Ms. Kaplan and Morning Meetings.


Mia GluzermanElite Sentinel Mia Gluzerman

I’ve been at AJK since kindergarten.  Things have changed a lot since then.  We used to not have morning meeting.  We would do the pledge in the classrooms.  I like it better now because when Mr. Grenda came, he was getting a lot of kids to tighten up.  I like that most students are on the road to becoming knighthood because then they know that they were doing good all year long.  My favorite thing about AJK is the cadence, because I like the beats and I like how I get to scream during it.  I wouldn’t want to be in any other school because this school really helps me tighten up and get on the road to knighthood.  I was a Dame last year and I’m trying to be a Dame again this year, because my mom is really proud of me when I get there and I’m really proud of myself for all of my hard work when I get there.


Mitzy VillegasElite Sentinel Mitzy Villegas

This is my second year at AJK.  I like it here because we get Fun Thursdays when we’re on rank.  AJK is different from other schools because it’s an Academy, and we’re not average we exceed expectations.  My favorite part of AJK is the rank system because it helps you to do better and to try your hardest to show the most growth cause then you get things like pizza and ice cream.  I wouldn’t want to be in any other school because I have some friends that go to the other schools now and they tell me that it’s better at AJK than their schools.  I would miss the ranks at AJK because some schools don’t have them and they are just average.

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