AJK Cadets of the Week

Yaretzi Mujica

Sentinel Yaretzi goes above and beyond showing R.R.C.C. in the classroom.  She is a great leader in the classroom and is always willing to help others without being asked.  Sentinel Yaretzi treats everyone with respect.  She comes to the Academy with a positive attitude and is ready to learn.



4th Grade Sentinel

This young lady is an outstanding Sentinel.  She is a hard worker in the classroom and very helpful to others.  She is always respectful to her fellow cadets and teachers.  She is responsible and committed to her classmates, friends, and school.  This Sentinel raises the bar for other cadets to follow.  She is a perfect example of what it is like to follow R.R.C.C.


5th Grade Cadet

General Fahey and Coach Grenda both have spoken of warriors who kept pushing even when the odds were against them.  Of all the cadets yet to rank up, this young man keeps showing the most fight in the third quarter.  We recognize him not only for his growth and persistence, but for his resilience.  As with all our cadets, squires, and sentinels, there is much growth to be gained on the road to Knighthood; yet this cadet has shown the most persistence and resilience in emulating the squires and sentinels, dames and knights who have gone before him.


gregory-colbertGregory Colbert

Gregory comes to class ready to learn with a positive attitude daily. Gregory is always following RRCC and is a good role model for other cadets. He participates in class and takes pride in all of his work. He gives his best effort no matter what task he is given. Gregory is Cadet of the Week because of his willingness to always make himself better.

Mr. Hentschel



Morgan Summerville

This squire is new to the Academy this year.  Since the beginning of 4th Grade she has grown an incredible amount, both in her academics and her behavior.  She is truly a talented reader and each day she continues to be a model in setting high expectations for herself.  In the classroom, she has become an outstanding helper and is always encouraging her peers to succeed.

Ms. Greenberg



3rd Grade Squire

This third grade squire is kind to others and exhibits RRCC at all times.  He is a role model in our classroom.  This squire has a growth mindset and is persistent in his academics.

Mr. Truelove




Ashley Hernandez

Ashley comes to the Academy with a smile on her face every day.  She has a positive attitude towards learning and RRCC.  She also takes great pride in her accomplishments in the classroom.  Ashley is an excellent role model to all cadets.

Ms. Altemese




Ysabella Baker

The cadet chosen as Cadet of the Week is Ysabella Baker.  Ysabella comes to the Academy and wants to be here.  She is actively involved in her education and is always ready and eager to learn.  She asks questions, and challenges herself at all levels. She is respectful to the people around her (teachers, staff, and cadets) and is highly regarded by her peers.  For these reasons, I submit Ysabella Baker for Cadet of the Week.

Mr. Norstrom



Michelle Calderon

This cadet has shown leadership academically and behaviorally.  She consistently follows RRCC and is helpful to her fellow cadets.  She stays positive and has also been awarded classroom cadet of the week.

Ms. Patterson


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