Congratulations AJK Academy!

A letter from 4th grader Cayla Williams that speaks to the culture and climate of The Academy.


The AJK Academy Palace

I think of A.J.K. as a Palace. The reason why is because it’s so nice, neat and clean. Everyone is so respectful. Another thing is this is a place I can’t wait to go to in the morning. When I wake up I rush here because this is my home half of the day and I enjoy it. I enjoy the work, the deep conversations, and doing the creed that’s my favorite part of everyday. The reason why I like doing the creed every day is because it makes me feel powerful every morning. It just shows a way of Respect and High Quality. I love the way how we have High Expectations, because without expectations then we wouldn’t be the academy we are today. This not a school full of students, this is a school full of cadets, squires, and sentinels. We don’t sell ourselves short, we go extreme. We are the academy we’re meant to be. We are the people we’re meant to be. To become a squire you need to follow RRCC and address others appropriately (2/3 points for adult and peer evaluation). To become a sentinel you have to follow RRCC and not have more than 3 referrals and attendance 95%. That’s why we’re an Academy like we are meant to be.


Cayla Williams

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