What Our Squires Really Think About AJK…

IMG_13065th Grade Squire

I like this school because it’s perfect for me and if any student in the world can’t succeed, and they come to this school they will succeed because we’re AJK and we succeed at everything.

My favorite thing about this school is our knighthood ranks and RRCC because I went to like 7 schools and none of them had the ranks and they only paid attention to the lower class students and AJK pays attention to all of us even the higher class students so even they can grow more.


IMG_1305Squire Jacob Johns

I like RRCC and the rank system because they help me push harder, get better grades, do better in school, try my hardest on a test or a MAP test and do my best in specials or at home.  It helps you do good in sports, get your homework done on time, and feel good about yourself when you rank up and to try harder to get to knighthood



IMG_13085th Grade Squire

I like that AJK has a system that helps kids get a better chance to advance and grow because it helped me and my sister a lot.  She was at like c level in her grades and now she has only one B and the rest are A’s.  I like that AJK pushes you and makes you try your hardest.  Even if you are low the teachers help you grow to a higher level.  My favorite thing is our rank system.  We start off as cadets.  But as we get higher the rank system pushes us more to get to the next level.


IMG_1309Squire Samantha Gonzalez

I like that we have MAP testing because based on our scores that we get we have centers and even though we get people we don’t like we still have to respect them and work with them.   I like that we get incentives because it pushes us to get points and the more points we get it’s the best.  My favorite thing is that we have morning meetings because the principal tells us what we do wrong and not that many schools have it and we get the privilege to have it.  Other schools don’t have Morning Meeting and they just have to start the day right away. The principal makes announcements to us.  I like the rank system because it won’t make you feel bad because even if you don’t make a Squire, someone who is squire can set the example for you.


IMG_13104th Grade Squire

One thing that I like is that we use RRCC to turn AJK into a better school than other schools.  At other schools they don’t have ranks and at this school they have ranks and adults, cadets and squires give people a lot of respect with how they want to be treated.  The ranks help you grow.  It helps you when you’re horrible and then you start feeling like you want to be a certain rank, so you start following directions, giving respect and focusing on behavior academics and attendance getting it 95% high.  My favorite part of AJK is the whole school day because at school you learn what you need help in and you can get focused on what you need. Then when you get out of class and go into the hallway you have to have a level 0 and at other schools you can be at any level.  But, at this school we have high expectations and other schools have medium expectations.  Plus you need to give people respect.  When it’s specials time you get to learn music, technology, how to be a librarian, and how to get healthy.


IMG_1311Squire Bethany Coultas

AJK is different from the other three schools I’ve been to.  All my other schools we didn’t have to treat each other with respect, and when I moved with my step mom I had to start using my Sirs and Ma’am’s.  When I moved to this school I thought that it was cool that we had to use Sirs and Ma’am’s at school because I already had to use that at home.   I like the teachers the most because they are polite and they can get you from the grade level you are to the next grade level and I think that is cool.  My favorite part of AJK is Morning Meeting because it’s a nice way to start your day and it helps me to build confidence. When Mr. Grenda talks in front of the school and gets so fired up and talks about the school day I think it’s cool because that helps me build my confidence.


IMG_1313Squire Julian Rodgers

What I like about AJK is the rank system here because no other school has rank systems. It pushes you to do the right thing and it really boosts your confidence.  I also like RRCC because no other school has 4 core values like we do.  My favorite thing about AJK is morning meeting because we sit down and we can talk a little bit and at 7:40 we read for 5-10 min then the principal says to close the books and then the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then after that we say our creed.  Next, our principal tells us to sit down and we talk about housekeeping.  After that we get up and do a cadence then we go to our class at 0 volume in the hallways.  We get dismissed to class by grades.


IMG_1315Squire Yasmin Gutierrez

I like the rank system because for the people that become Squires they can help the people that are behind to get on track.  We get rewarded for using good manners. When you’re a squire you get fun Fridays and you get to know other squires.  My favorite part of AJK is when we are in the class because in the class we get to bond with our fellow classmates and in the reading groups we get to help each other with things we don’t know.  AJK is a really good school because here we call it an Academy instead of a school and we have high expectations.


IMG_1314Squire Reaonah Williams

I like the RRCC because RRCC is not only something we say.  When you do RRCC you have to totally believe in it.  I believe in it because if you believe in it, it helps you become Squire, Sentinel, Elite Sentinel or Knight or Dame. I like RRCC because when you follow it, it’s something that is important to everyone in the Academy.  It makes the school better because it means to have respect for self and others, be responsible for all our actions, have commitment to our community and have commitment to our education.  My favorite thing about AJK is the cadence because when you say it, it’s actually talking about our school and saying we are number one and that’s important.   So, when visitors come to our school they can hear about our school and know what we are all about.

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