What Our Sentinels Really Think About AJK…

CarolinaSentinel Carolina Cardoso Luna

I think that AJK is kind of better than the other schools I’ve been to before. At my other school they didn’t really help me a lot and my grades were kind of low, but AJK made my grades go up more because Ms. Patterson makes us go into groups of our levels and she tells me to pay more attention in class. My favorite part of AJK is the rank system because it helps you have high expectations so you can go to a certain rank. AJK can bring your MAP scores even higher than you used to have it because AJK has teachers that can help you achieve the goal that you have.



3rd Grade Sentinel

We have high expectations. We are always trying to do better. We have four core values RRCC, respect for yourself and others, responsible for all our actions, commitment to education and commitment to our community. I think that they are good expectations because it helps keep our school on track. My favorite things about AJK are Mr. Grenda and Ms. Kaplan because they are always giving us high expectations, always making sure we are doing the right thing, and helping us out when we need it. Our teachers they are always helping us with our work and if we’re behind in our grade level they will help us get to our actual grade level. If we don’t understand something the teachers will always work with us until we get to where we know it.



3rd Grade Sentinel

I think our school is nice because I love all the kids and the teachers.  AJK is really different from the others schools I’ve been to because in the other schools the principal never talked to us about having high expectations.  I like that the principal pushes us to learn harder.  At AJK we have a morning meeting and I like that because at my other school we never actually sat down in the P.E. room and talked.  It’s good that we do this because the principal can tell us how he feels.  I like that Mr. Grenda tells me lots of things about learning because if kids are having a hard time Mr. Grenda can motivate them.



Sentinel Lilibeth Martinez

I like that the hallways are clean.  I like that we all use Sir’s and Ma’am’s because it’s nice and respectful.  AJK is great because we have a morning meeting.  The best part of morning meeting is when Mr. Grenda tells us what we are supposed to do because it makes us change a little bit.  My favorite thing about AJK is RRCC because it’s showing respect to other people.




Sentinel Ava Yohn

AJK is a great school because Mr. Grenda is trying his best to keep our school good.  I like that there’s ranks because they’re pushing me to try harder.  I want to get all the way to being a Dame because my sister never made it and I want to be the first one to do it.  I like our school because it’s challenging like the homework sometimes.  I like that because whenever it’s hard it makes me learn something.  My favorite thing about AJK is RRCC because it makes us learn manners.



Sentinel Ariyon Barnes

What I like about AJK is our principal Mr. Grenda because he’s a good principal because he gives us ranks like Squires and Sentinels.  I like that most students follow RRCC.  That’s good because we get to have lots of Squires, Dames, and Knights.  RRCC made me change because last year I didn’t make it to Squire and I felt bad for myself, so I changed this year and made good changes to my behavior and turning in my homework and I made it to Squire and Sentinel.  Now, I feel good about myself because I made it.  My favorite thing about AJK is being Sentinel because I get a lot of privileges.  I think there’s some good staff because they teach the students.



Sentinel Jabbari Sparkman

AJK is the best school I’ve ever come to in my whole entire life.  I like how our rank system is set up because each rank it pushes you to become more responsible and a leader and maybe you can pull the Cadets up to your rank.  I like Mr. Grenda because he’s competitive.  He wants us to try our hardest and to show what we’re really made of.  I think that’s good because when you become who you want to be when you grow up you will think back on Mr. Grenda and how good he was at being a principal.  He was close to me and my family, so he’s a role model to me.  Ms. Kaplan, is the best teacher that I’ve had in all my years because when we did something really bad, she took our rank away and we had to show her we were responsible enough to get our rank back and move onto the next rank.  That helped me because if Ms. Kaplan wasn’t my teacher last year I wouldn’t be where I am now.

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