Message from our Principal, Michael Grenda

Local Marines Making a Huge Impact

07 Sep

This month, A.J. Katzenmaier Academy and the United States Marine Corps have began a “Partnership for a Greater Tomorrow Mentor Program,” sponsored by a group of local Marines, and we are extremely excited about this program! It was inspired from the mind of one of our parents, Mrs. Chrissy Nieves, who also leads our Parent […]

What Do Elite Sentinels Think About AJK Academy?…

13 Apr
Sherese Beard

Elite Sentinel Sherese Beard I have been at AJK since third grade.  In third grade they didn’t have rank systems in this school.  It was boring.  Now, we have rank systems and that’s good because the people that are doing good get rewards for their behavior.  I like AJK because of the staff.  They help […]

AJK Cadets Talking About Their MAP Growth

11 Feb

5th Grade Cadet Joshua Reynoso I grew 29 points on my winter MAP Math test. I feel good about that because I didn’t know if I could do it. When I told my parents they said congratulations. I grew because I was paying attention in Math class and we’re adding fractions and that helped me […]

AJK Cadets of the Week

11 Feb

Ashley Hernandez Ashley comes to the Academy with a smile on her face every day.  She has a positive attitude towards learning and RRCC.  She also takes great pride in her accomplishments in the classroom.  Ashley is an excellent role model to all cadets. Ms. Altemese   Ysabella Baker The cadet chosen as Cadet of […]

Congratulations AJK Academy!

02 Feb
Academy Letter

A letter from 4th grader Cayla Williams that speaks to the culture and climate of The Academy. 1/29/16 The AJK Academy Palace I think of A.J.K. as a Palace. The reason why is because it’s so nice, neat and clean. Everyone is so respectful. Another thing is this is a place I can’t wait to […]

Art from the Heart

14 Jan

Students at A. J. Katzenmaier practiced the art of cubism inspired by none other than Pablo Picasso with our volunteers from the Art from the Heart program. Analytical Cubism is one of the two major branches of the artistic movement of Cubism and was developed between 1908 and 1912. In contrast to Synthetic cubism, Analytic […]

What Our Squires Really Think About AJK…

11 Jan

5th Grade Squire I like this school because it’s perfect for me and if any student in the world can’t succeed, and they come to this school they will succeed because we’re AJK and we succeed at everything. My favorite thing about this school is our knighthood ranks and RRCC because I went to like […]

What Our Sentinels Really Think About AJK…

07 Jan

Sentinel Carolina Cardoso Luna I think that AJK is kind of better than the other schools I’ve been to before. At my other school they didn’t really help me a lot and my grades were kind of low, but AJK made my grades go up more because Ms. Patterson makes us go into groups of […]

Read With Me!

14 Dec
img_1508 (2)

Read with Me is a literacy program, sponsored by Lake County Cares, that unites students from neighboring communities.  North Chicago Community Partners brought this exciting program to Forrestal School in 2012 and, as of last year, AJK students and teachers became the beneficiaries of this collaboration.  As a part of this program, AJK 3rd grade students will meet with 5th grade “reading […]

AJK Hosts its First Monthly Inspection

30 Nov

Monthly Inspections are used at AJK to instill a sense of accountability among its Cadets and push our District’s mission of growing global citizens. Inspection, for AJK, is intended for administration, staff and cadets to get a feel for what is working within our climate and culture and what needs to be coached up. It […]

Fun with STEM and Harvest Hope

19 Nov

On Saturday, November 14, North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) and Lake Forest Academy (LFA) hosted a two-part event at A.J. Katzenmaier School (AJK), Fun with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Harvest Hope. Throughout the day, 65 AJK students and their LFA buddies were engaged in hands-on, STEM education activities and more than 190 […]

AJK and AdvancED Partnership

18 Nov
AJK and AdvancED Partnership

A.J. Katzenmaier has spent the last couple of months preparing for a visit from AdvancED.  AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world. They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of PreK-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. While their […]

Honoring our Veterans

13 Nov

Pictured is United States Marine, Staff Sergeant Lucas and one of our Squires standing in front of our White Table. The White Table comes from a book that was read to our entire school titled America’s White Table written by Margot Theis Raven and illustrated by Mike Benny.  The book was written to honor Veteran’s […]